WebZerver in action

Welcome to the homepage for WebZerver!

From here you can download WebZerver and find information on installing it. For general information about WebZerver, see the about page. For instructions on getting started with WebZerver, see the help page.

WebZerver is currently in version 1. WebZerver currently features custom MIME types, custom console display, custom 404 pages, static webpage hosting, download hosting, and portability. It puts your Zune in a small group of web servers that can fit in your pocket!

Downloads are available on the download page. Download the deploykit version for simpler installation and usage, only download the source version if you have completed the Developer getting started guide for OpenZDK and find a 1200 line "Hello World" program both funny and scary.

If you want to send me money because this program is so fricking awesome, see the donation page

This product and all content is licensed under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License (WTFPL).